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Thread: Insurance Question: Please help

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    Insurance Question: Please help

    The short of it: DB was home during the holidays from AIT and went to my dentist. He gave them his insurance card. They are calling and asking what type of dental insurance he has. She said she tried a few that are usually associated with military, Met Life maybe, and two others I cannot recall, and he came up on none of them. Can anyone help me with the name she should be looking for. He is in the "field", so it will be a couple of days until I can speak with him.

    Thank you
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    I'm assuming he had a dental emergency?? If it wasn't an emergency, he'd be responsible for the expenses. Otherwise I would go here: I think Active Duty is still covered under United Concordia....
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    It depends on where he was stationed. To my knowledge, though, active duty don't have a dental insurance.. its all just Tricare. Most active duty see a dentist on base. When she took his card (which I didn't know they issued active duty cards) the # to call and his policy info should be on it. I am almost positive it isn't the same as dependents would use. It MIGHT be united concordia. Again, active duty dental is treated differently than dependents. Here is the link to active duty dental: Active Duty Dental Care

    says they are normally seen at a facility on base, and it says to be seen off base they have to be referred or stationed in a remote location.. doesn't sound like he was either.

    Question though.. why did he go to your dentist? Was it an emergency or routine care?

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    As active duty unless it was an emergency he can't just go see any dentist he wants, he needs to see a military one. If it was an emergency he should have contacted his command immediately after.
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    Yep as far as I know active duty does not have dental insurance because they are suppose to be seen by base dentists. Not sure how it works for emergencies if they are not at a base.
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    is he reserves or AD?
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    My DH has tricare remote, and he sees a civilian dentist. Is he on base?
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    If DB wants to use a dentist off base, he has to pay out of pocket, unless it's a dental emergency.

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