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Thread: Marine Security Guard

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    Marine Security Guard

    Has anyone ever been in a relationship with someone who has done MSG? I don't really have a specific question, just curious about the experience I guess.
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    Hi there. I don't know too much about MSG but my boyfriend is part of The Marine Corps Security Forces regiment and he knew some people that were "watch standers" as a secondary MOS. From what it sounds like he said they mainly are sent to American embassies around the world, so you may need to prepare yourself for an LDR as he very well may get stationed/deployed out of the country. Since MSG is a secondary MOS he is also apart of The Marine Corps Security Forces. My boyfriend is quite busy during the week and often has to stand post at a secure facility for 1-2 weeks on end with little contact. There is a lot of training involved so be sure to have a strong handle on communication and be flexible as dates change sometimes. I hope this helps. PM if you have any other questions!
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    My boyfriend just started MSG school. Did yours go through it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaspersbb42014 View Post

    My boyfriend just started MSG school. Did yours go through it?
    I have closed this since it is an old thread. You would get more responses starting your own thread.

    to MSOS. Please take a moment to head to the Newbie forum here: Newbies and post an introductory thread.

    Thank you.

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