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Thread: New to the military thing, have a few questions

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    New to the military thing, have a few questions

    My boyfriend and I have been dating a while and he's leaving to go to bootcamp in July 2014. I know that seems like a long way away, but the it just keeps getting closer.. I just want to know what happens when he graduates from bootcamp. He's going into the marines. After bootcamp does he come home? Or i've read that he goes straight to school.
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    it depends- he will only have 5 days of leave but they may not allow him to go home before reporting to his first school , he won't know until he is in Boot camp.
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    Mine is a marine, after boot camp he was able to come back home for a month but he was working doing recruiting the entire time. (But as Gunsgirl said your DB wont know until he's in boot camp)

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