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Thread: Moving across the country and need advice!!!!

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    Moving across the country and need advice!!!!

    I need to know what everyone husband's sgt told him before we got married that the MC would pay for me to move from Colorado to Florida to be with my husband. Now that we are married they changed their mind and that we have to pay out of our pocket for this move!! Basically what I'm asking is if: 1. Has anyone dealt with this problem too? 2. What did you do?! 3. What is the best way to get all my "crap" out to Florida for cheap.
    We were thinking of two different plans. The first, me buy a plane ticket, pack a ton of suitcases full of clothes and all the necessities to get by for a while or have me rent a trailer and drive my junker of a truck from Colorado to Florida.
    Please help!!! I'm scared to drive my car across country but I feel it's the only way for us to get all of our stuff from point a to point b.
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    The military won't pay to move you unless you are married before his orders were issued. I don't think anyone "changed their mind", rather he was misinformed.

    For cost, I'm not sure. I would be sure to factor in the cost of checking luggage, as in recent times airlines have started charging quite a bit for checked luggage. When I first moved with DH, I flew and my parents shipped a few boxes of important things. Later on we returned to pick up my car. Even later on we went back with our RV and trailer and retrieved my furniture. It was a two year process If you don't have someone to keep your things for a while, then driving with a trailer might be a good option.
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    Like lobster said they won't pay unless you are on his military orders. I'd personally rent a uhual and a flatbed trailer and put my car on that and haul my things out. How much do you have?
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    DH is AF but he already had his orders before we got married, then when he was en route to the base we got hitched. When he got here they amended them (because we got married before he checked in to the base) and paid for my move. But all situations are different. If you are that uncomfortable driving alone (and you have somewhere to keep the stuff for the time being in Colorado) I would pack some suitcases, have someone mail you the other important stuff you need for now, then when your DH can take some time off go back together and make the trip back to Florida. Good luck! I hope you get it all figured out
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    My husband is the the USMC, and when we were married well into his career they did move all of my things under essentially a 'home of record move'. When he commissioned after school, he essentially moved all of his own belonging to OCS. As a result, he didn't use that initial move and was able to use it to have my belongings shipped from CA to our home in Yuma. Check with your husband, maybe the same could apply to you? They however did NOT move my vehicle, my husband flew into San Francisco and drove it for me. Good luck!
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    I personally would probably sell everything that I couldn't fit in a suitcase and some boxes to mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggyBiggs View Post
    I personally would probably sell everything that I couldn't fit in a suitcase and some boxes to mail.
    same here! Rather I would pack as much as I could in my car and drive! I
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    the HOR move has strict requirements and obviously the OP's SO does not apply.

    the best/cheapest thing to do is rent a uhaul and a tow dolly and drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggyBiggs View Post
    I personally would probably sell everything that I couldn't fit in a suitcase and some boxes to mail.
    This! There is very little I'm attached to other than my books, laptop and dog. Clothes would come too b/c they'd be hard to sell/replace with similarity.

    If not that... then I would do the uhaul/car tow thing. Or uhaul... fly back... drive car. I hate driving with a tow.
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    DH and I are in VA and soon moving to WA so I totally feel ya.

    Depending on the condition of your belongings and/or what he already has, I would sell or discard as much as possible. I left my bedroom furniture in my bedroom at my dad's and 13 years later it is still there and we've used it when we've stayed with him. Not sure if something like that is an option for you. If your vehicle is in bad shape perhaps you could sell that as well. Otherwise you may want to look into some maintenance like new tires, oil change, top off fluids, etc. before making the drive. And if you sell/discard down to being able to fit everything into the truck then you won't need a uhaul. If you sell your truck then you could just drive a small to medium uhaul or even fly of all you have after selling/discarding fits into suitcases. If you keep your truck then I would get one of those trailer things you tow behind your vehicle.

    When I moved in with DH he lived out of state, not with the Navy yet, I only took what got in my car. He had his own place before moving out of state and sold/discarded everything til he could fit what was left into his car. When he got to the new state he bought new furniture and had it all set up before I moved out there.
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