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Thread: the dreaded grade wait

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    the dreaded grade wait

    long story short, if you were wanting to graduate this spring because you've been going to school forrrrrrrrrrever and only have a handful of classes left, but are waiting for just one last class for this semester to post your grade and you are unsure if you passed according to the core class standard (I think it's either a C or C+ you have to get to get credit, I have to double check) because you suck at life and slacked off when your husband came home just a month before the semester ended and may not have rocked one class... would that change your graduation plans? I did well in all the classes that I knew already that I would, but I'm waiting on one last class that the final exam and paper were such a hefty percentage of my final grade that I have no idea if i'll get a B, C or D honestly... I struggled with it as I put it off for easier classes and time with DH because I like to work against myself apparently

    Basically, I already as is had a full class load for spring semester with difficult classes... so if I do have to retake this one class, do I say ok i'll retake it spring sem and add it on to my list of other classes and just have no life and be a slave to homework for the next 5 months so I can graduate this spring still, or do I take it as a sign that I need to slow down and put off graduation AGAIN and just take a class or 2 each semester until spring 2015 (sounds so depressing ) for graduation. I'd have to take 5 classes this spring if i have to retake this class, not a crazy amount but a little much regardless of subject, but also add onto it that 3 of the classes are EXTREMELY difficult subjects so it makes it a hefty load.

    What would you do? I feel like it's so close so i should just add it on to spring sem and be done with school come May forever, but another part of me says just because i choose to do that doesn't mean i won't bomb any of those classes. I don't know... I'm in a panic here I'm hoping i will be pleasantly surprised and i'll get a B or something and won't have to worry about a thing, but I'm trying to be prepared as i would have to get signed up for this class again fairly quickly here for the spring semester and i need a game plan if i don't pass, or if i choose not to graduate to drop a couple classes. I really regret my lack of effort... it ALWAYS bites me in the ass, so why do i do it to myself??? Silently suffering until i find out my grade... can't believe that i may have to put off graduation...

    isn't the end of the semester supposed to bring relief??? not for me apparently
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    I'm sure you did great! *hugs* Is there any way you could do a couple classes in the spring and a couple in the summer? if so you wouldnt have quite the work load for the next 5 months and you wouldnt have to wait until spring 2015.

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