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Thread: Seeking advice for my very overdue pregnant sister

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    Seeking advice for my very overdue pregnant sister

    I don't feel like I am being that great of a support system for her right now. She is now 10 days past her due date with her third baby. Her older ones are 5 and 3 years old. Her mother is staying with them right now and she has already begun maternity leave from work. Her hubby works in the ER, so he is often gone for many, many hours at a time.

    The big frustration right now is that the ONLY thing that anybody will talk to her about is her impending and very late birth. It is already hard enough for her to be so uncomfortable and ready to have this baby, and cater to everyone in the house. Her mom is constantly on the phone with the extended family giving updates about how she hasn't even had a braxton hicks contraction yet, how uncomfortable she is, etc., etc....and then her mom extends the expressions of frustration/impatience from the family to her - as if that is helpful in any way.

    I have yet to be in this situation, so it is hard for me to truly understand what she is going through. I have offered open ears for her to vent, and tried coming up with ideas of low-key, fun things that she can do to pamper herself and stay busy. It's hard for her because they live waaaay out in the country, so it is hard to go out and do things without wandering too far from the hospital. Her mother thinks she should just take the risk and drive out of town, but with her last two babies, they came very quickly and her labor was very short.

    Does anybody have any other suggestions as to how I can better support her during her aggrevating wait?
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    Talk to her about anything and everything not related to the pregnancy.

    Whether that be if she's gotten gifts for the other kids. Or ask how the other kids are doing. Ask how the oldest is doing in school (Assuming they are in school).

    I would just do small talk to get her mind off the pregnancy or off her mom, etc. Open it up for her to know she can tell you anything. Never know, she may just start venting to you about everything.

    Me, if it were my sister, I would be cracking jokes about the lateness of the pregnancy. But that's how my sis and I are.. we find laughter in anything, even misery and pain. And laughter gets our mind off of anything tragic, painful, etc.

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    My three were late: 1st: 8 days late. 2nd: 9 days late 3rd: 10 days late. The only thing you can do is just chill out with her. The kiddo will come (soon) and all the headache of folks hounding her about "when" will be done and forgotten. Trust me, lol. My third heard a report once that the longer babies are in their mamas, the smarter they are, as their brains have longer to develop in that awesome environment. Now she runs around telling my older two that she's smarter than them, because she baked longer. All will be well soon.

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    Maybe get her some movies to keep her mind off of it? Talk about christmas plans? Hmmm... i hope the baby comes soon for her!!
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    I was 12 days overdue with DS2, and it was all anyone wanted to talk about after my due date. It was annoying sometimes, but it also got to the point that I thought it was pretty funny... and I could deal with it because I knew that regardless of how it felt it really couldn't last forever. If I were you, I would just try to talk to her about other things, and if there's any way for you to be a buffer between her and other people that would be great.
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    I don't know that there is much you can do to change her mood, once you are THAT pregnant I don't know how women can think about anything else ESPECIALLY when everyone is talking about it, but from knowing a lot of women who went overdue I definitely agree with the above... be there, validate her feelings, and find ways to talk about anything BUT. Maybe when she wants to vent to you about it, sit with her and make a burn book and throw in everyone who insists on asking if she has had the baby yet or who thinks it's appropriate to talk about the state of her cervix.

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