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Thread: How can I fall asleep?

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    How can I fall asleep?

    I can never call asleep. I can lay down as early at 8 and be awake in bed still at 330. The last several days I've been getting up early and running on about 4 hours of sleep a day. I can't do it anymore. I have work in the morning..:I have to wake up in 5 hours and I'm wide awake. I'm going to be dragging ass and I'm worried they will think poorly of me because it's only my second shift.

    Somebody help me fall asleep better in the future so I can avoid this problem I've tried melatonin and lavender scented stuff. I've tried zzzquil, white noise, showering or taking a bath before bed, ambien, allergy meds, and quitting caffeine entirely. Nothing helps me. The only thing that consistently puts me to sleep when I take it is Vicodin but I'm not sure needing a nap qualifies me for a lifetime supply of narcotics.

    Please, someone, help I need more sleep than I am getting!

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    I've been having trouble sleeping lately as well.

    - If you shower or bathe before bed, pat yourself dry rather than wiping yourself off. Rubbing stimulates circulation which has the opposite effect from what you want.
    - Hot herbal tea may work. I like Relax from Tazo.
    - If your DH is home, . Orgasms release hormones that make you want to relax and drift off to sleep. If he's not home, try taking matters into your own hands.
    - I haven't had it in a long time since I'm sensitive to lactose, but I remember some hot milk concoction being served before bed sometimes when I was little. I want to say hot milk + honey.

    B-vitamins help you feel more energized, so I would take one in the mornings. They help deal with stress and I've taken them often when I've had sleepless periods before.

    Exercise in the afternoon may also help. I sleep much better after exercise. If I'm running, I typically run in the afternoon. I prefer to do yoga in the evening.
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    Same boat here... and I can't take anything
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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    Well every now and again if I fall asleep before 10, I'm up at the same time you are. Now I try to stay active until bed time and its helping me stay asleep during the night. Maybe that is something to try?
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    Well, if you're anything like me, part of the problem may be that you're going to bed too early. I know that I sleep much worse when I go to bed before 11 or so.

    Try going to sleep at the same time every night. And do your best to spend as little time on the computer as possible, and out of your bed as much as possible. At my house I have no where to sit during the day on my computer, so I usually hang out on my bed, and I sleep so bad at night when I do. I've heard you should only use your bed for sleep and sex and nothing else. Not sure

    Also do you make your bed? I don't know why but I usually sleep better if I come into a bed that is nice and made, and with fresh sheets.

    Other things may be candles, no caffeine after noon (but I see you've already tried that), no computer in the hour before bed. Showers stimulate me more than they help me rest, maybe switch your shower to the morning if you currently do it at night? Make sure you exercise when you can, and get plenty of water. All the water helps regulate your body and with a routine maybe you can sleep better. Go to bed same time every night, and wake up same time every morning. Eventually it should help your body get to know when it's bed time and when it's awake time. I know how frustrating it can be.
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    I found it is not simply the fact that I cannot fall asleep but why I cannot fall asleep.

    So I changed a bunch of habits and talked to a Doctor.
    I was recently diagnosed with anxiety- but it only manifests at night.
    I can be exhausted, and turn the lights off and then the thoughts start, what I didn't get done that day, what I need to do the next day, what I need to get a the grocery store and I could not shut these thoughts off.
    I started taking a low dose anti anxiety med, 30 minutes before bedtime. and I fall asleep and stay asleep easily.

    I have had trouble sleeping for 10 years. the medication has been a life saver!
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    Chamomile tea (like sleepy time) and chamomile essential oil dropped onto my back (5-10 drops) and then rubbed in gently will usually knock me out for a solid 8 hours. It works better than any sleep aid I've ever tried.
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    I do breathing exercises when I can't sleep. Or I tense and relax muscles starting from my toes and working my way up. My problem is usually that I can't stop thinking about random crap, so I just try to clear my mind. Also sometimes if I sleep at the other end of the bed it helps lol
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    I still struggle with sleep and take a medication at night to help. However a few months ago I set out to be more conscious about sleep maintenance. I put myself on a schedule and the first week was heinous but after that the changes made a big difference.

    When I was talking to my therapist about how difficult it was she compared it to putting a newborn on a sleep schedule. Terrible process at first but so worth it in the end.
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    I use to need zzquil or other non-addictive sleep aids but now I have to read to fall asleep. I'll prop my kindle up and read while lying on my side. I don't even realize it when I fall asleep and my kindle automatically shuts itself off after a while.

    Does it help if you go to bed later than 8? Maybe try an hour or so later?
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