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Thread: Getting back on track.

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    Getting back on track.

    I've fallen a bit off the wagon, so to speak...September has been a really rough month for me so far and some "funk" has gotten its hold on me, but I'm trying to fight it off. What's the best ways you have of getting back on track, of getting yourself back together?

    I'm going to try to cut back on all the activities I've taken on and also make an appointment with a counselor tomorrow since obviously my coping strategies aren't the best. But how else do you do it? I feel so lost in the sauce, like its difficult to want to do anything else but sit in my house, watching tv, not really eating, ignoring school and friends.

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    I like to do something that's challenging for me but still fun. Something I don't go oh gosh no I don't want to. Something I'm pumped about that gives me a goal to prove to myself that I can do something productive and reach a goal. It inspires me as I go forward and gives me something to look forward to.
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    I'm experiencing the same "funk." Hang in there.

    I've found that exercise has really helped me. Setting "happy" goals for myself, that will make me feel super accomplished once I finish them. I hate doing homework, so I give myself little goals with my homework each day instead of thinking about all the shit I am going to have to do, that's really helped me keep my motivation with school. I feel a lot less over whelmed.

    I hope things get better for you.
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    I think the best thing to do first is consistent exercise, preferably outside. Its amazing what some time in nature will do and exercise is a natural anti-depressant

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    Exercise is what helps me. I belong to a gym and I find group exercise most enjoyable as it helps to see other people enjoying themselves too. I get in that funk sometimes too but you have to plug on. Trying to connect with friends helps too.
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    Exercise really helps, even if it's just going for walks. Try and get out daily. Also push yourself to see friends. I've had to do this before too. I didn't feel like seeing anyone but I called them up and made plans with them. And I went cause I would have felt bad for cancelling. That really helped me. Make a plan on when to work on your school stuff.

    And I really think the counselor is a good idea And I'm here anytime

    You can do this!

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