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Thread: In a bit of a bind here....

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    Confused In a bit of a bind here....

    So to make this fairly easy to understand I am currently a personal banker at XXXX(rather not disclose) and as much as i do love my job it is only 20 hours a week. I had put my resume on career builder a very long time ago which in turn helped me find the job i have now.

    My problem is, i recently got a call from another bank offering me the same job i have now except with a wayyyy higher salary.They found my resume on career builder and called me yesterday. Money has definitely been tight recently so of course i was so excited when i got the call but then reality set in....

    I am set to leave to Airforce BMT at the end of February 2014. Im in a huge ethical dilemma here....

    On one hand i want to take the job because of course i need the money, but on the other hand i cant help but feel like if i take this job knowing that i have to leave in february that im taking a job away from someone who might need it way more than i do.?

    DF is totally no help in this situation, he doesn't know what to do either.

    any advice on how i should proceed in this situation?

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    I would just be straight forward with them and let them know the situation. My sister did something similar before she left for the Navy and they let her work the time before she went to basic!

    Either way, you wouldn't burn any bridges by letting the other company know you're leaving and if they still want to extend the offer take it. Worst they could do is say no but I wouldn't accept the job and then leave in 5 months, but that's just me!

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    I agree. Call them, set an appt and tell them from the first moment what the deal is so that if they don't even want to finish the interview you don't waste their time and they don't waste yours.
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    I agree with the others. Be straightforward and they might still want to take you on.

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