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Thread: Restraining order in different states?

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    Restraining order in different states?

    Let me preface this by saying that I fully intend to seek legal council and am not asking anyone to give me internet legal advice. More, I'm just looking for where I need to start. How would I pursue getting a restraining order/no contact order (I'm being contacted online) when the person does not live in my state (and in fact, I have no address--I only know the state in which this person resides)?

    I can give more details if necessary, but I'd prefer PMs.
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    NOT legal advice just what I would do for paper trail:

    First, print ALL communication this person has made to you
    Print any communication you have had TO this person especially if there are specific demands that they stop.

    I *think* you have to go through several depts such as the courthouse in your city and than the courthouse/police in their city.

    I bet Asher would be great to talk to if he hasn't seen this yet.
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    What southern said as far as paper trail. And don't delete anything. Anything on your phone backup And take photos of the screens.
    Then go to local superior or circuit court clerk. They will tell you what you need to do.
    Difficult part will be serving person with notice of court date.
    You can also ask to talk to prosecutor or states attorney while you are there. Bring everything you have to show them. It may rise to level of criminal harassment.
    What state and county are you in?
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    I'm thinking it will be extremely difficult not knowing their address. How would they serve the court order?
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    There's got to be some record of the person somewhere. I mean, IIRC, you generally know where the person is at... It's amazing how many things are considered public info if you really need to go looking. Text me if you need me or just an ear to vent to!

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