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    So I have an eye infection in both of my eyes. I was going to go to the doctor yesterday but I thought I would sleep one more night to see if it was better in the morning. Nope. They are both redder than ever and they hurt.

    I only have like 7 hours of no pay time at work I can use without getting in trouble.... But I need this taken care of. I can't work like this. There are only a select few people that watch my son and half of the time they aren't available. I can't go sit in a waiting room for hours with him.

    I'm also one sleepless night away from a serious mental breakdown. Jayce keeps having these crying spells where I can do absolutely nothing to soothe him.

    I don't know what to do. I need a break or I'm going to go crazy. I don't want to lose my job. But I can't fucking do this shit. I want my eyes fixed. I want sleep. I want my son to stop crying.

    Help me. What do i do? If anything!

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    Sorry you are going through this. Is it possible you can visit an urgent care facility once you're off work today? The wait is typically hours less than an ER. I went to one last year and was literally in and out in about 45 minutes, including wait time, which might be more tolerable with your son or easier to find some quick care for him.
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    If you feel you can't work, load up your son and head to the er. Take some snacks, water or juice and a couple toys or books or whatever for him along with a blanket if he falls asleep. That way you use less "sick" time from work.
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    No advice, just
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    Ive had an infection in my eyes before, it was awful. I got it from wearing contacts while I worked at a carwash. It was so painful.
    I hope you can get in soon. When I got my infection, I called my optometrist and she got me in same day, because I told her I wear contacts and my eyes were red and painful. Hopefully they can do something like that for you so you dont have to wait too long!

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