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Thread: job searching questions?

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    job searching questions?

    I'm going out to apply at a couple restaurants today and idk if I should just ask the hostess or whoever greets me for an application or if I should ask to speak to a manager.

    any other advice would be appreciated. I've never done this before


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    You probably could ask the hostess, but I suggest asking to speak with a manager. That way you can make a good first impression and introduce yourself. It'll make you stand out!

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    I would ask the hostess when you walk in to get an application. Then when you go to return it I would ask to speak with the manager! Good luck
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    Eh, I work at a restaurant and our managers HATE to be bothered with people asking for jobs. It's best to ask the hostess if they're hiring and how to apply. Lots of our job applications are online. If the hostess doesn't seem to know what they're talking about, THEN ask for a manager. Otherwise, I know our managers purposely teach our hosts/hostesses what to say when peope come in.
    If you do specifically want to speak to a manager, that's fine but go between the hours of 2-4pm because that is after lunch rush but before dinner volume.

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