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Thread: What would you do?

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    Roll Eyes What would you do?

    So, while my family was in town visiting, DH let my sister and BIL take his car for the day to Austin so they could be all touristy.

    Well, this morning he gets in his car to go to PT and it reeks like cigarettes. I had hoped that maybe he was wrong and it only smelled because my sister smokes and was in there, but 1) that's stupid lol and it smelled way to strong for that and 2) he found a bottle of butts.

    Basically, they've already gone home to Illinois and I don't know what to do. Yes, I'm angry. It was beyond rude and inconsiderate and just plain... wtf? But at the same time, I don't know what good it'll do to say something now.

    DH smokes socially, but NEVER in a vehicle... only if he's drinking, so basically at a bar or outside or something. She knows this.

    What would you do? Just fyi, I won't be ripping her a new one even if I do say something. Lol.

    Also, my bad! I guess this belongs in "Seeking Advice!"
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    I would throw out a casual "hey, just FYI, we don't smoke in our cars. If you borrow the car again, don't do that. We had a great time during your visit! I'm really glad you came."
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    Hmmm. Did they know that you didn't want them to smoke in the car?

    I know for my sisters, it's second nature to just light up. They don't even think about it, even though we live in a state that prohibits smoking in public places. You'd think they'd give it some thought, but they don't. I have to catch them and they realize what they're doing. So we had to make sure to tell them not to smoke in the house while we were gone, and they were considerate and didn't. so... maybe a communication issue?

    Also, sorry your car stinks. Stale cigarette stench is the worst!!

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    I'd ask them to give you money to get it cleaned! That smell and toxins are in the upholstery and your baby rides in that car.
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    Ohhh I would be livid. My baby rides in our car, and I do not wang her around second/third hand smoke.
    But I agree with pp, just casually tell them that if they borrow the car again that you guys don't smoke in it.

    And leave the windows open lol
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    I would ask for them to have it cleaned.
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    I'm more rude I think than you so I would call her out with a "thanks for making our car smell like shit that was really inconsiderate of you" but that's just how I am with my family and my sisters and I just usually cut to the chase instead of beating around the bush. Ask her if she's going to send cash so you can order some Scentsy car freshners
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  8. Mombie.
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    I'd be pretty pissed off.

    Asking them to pay for a cleaning seems like a good idea to me.

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    Unless you specifically said "Don't smoke in my car" I wouldn't expect them to clean it. I would just make sure that next time they know that you don't want them to smoke in it. You'd think it would be obvious that if you were a smoker you would ask/assume smoking was not allowed, but they probably didn't even think about it since smoking is so second nature to a lot of people.

    Try leaving your windows open all day and/or buy a bottle of febreeze.
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    I agree with PPs; I'd mention it casually. It is too important to not mention, but you're right it wouldn't do any good at this point to get really worked up.

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