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Thread: Just a little nervous

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    Help Just a little nervous

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    I honestly don't think it has anything to do with being a female to worry about things like that ... like you said it comes down to trust. I'm sure there have been times DH has been hit on when I'm away (I know it happens, there are juicy girls in Korea that target soldiers to buy them drinks, dance, etc.). But a loyal guy will always be true to you no matter where he is or who is talking to him ... have faith in your man!
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    There are sketchy girls everywhere.
    Just make sure you talk to you DF about what you're comfortable with, and what you aren't. Communicate your feelings, but know that you trust your DF for a reason.
    And then try not to worry about it too much.

    Johanna is my wifey!
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    It goes on anywhere - military or civilian, on base or off, etc. Other people aren't always going to respect your relationship, so it's your job to trust your SO around the people who don't.

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