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Thread: Living in the moment

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    Living in the moment

    How do you live in the moment?

    I try really hard... but I still have problems. I think so futuristically. I'm already thinking about orders 3 years from now. I want to learn to loosen up a little and just try to enjoy the now. I think I got used to waiting for the future since we were always waiting to finally be together as a family for more than a couple months.

    Any tips on how to relax? We've been planning some Alaska activities and we're planning a trip home. I'm just such a planner!! I can't stop it and help it sometimes. But I know I'd be happier if I could live for the here and now kind of.
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    I like to plan; but, loosely.

    We tried to plan our next duty station; but, nothing is matching up for overseas. :grumble now, we are looking at our options 2 years out. It helps to make ideas for the next few years.

    Only plans i have now, is to enjoy each day as much as I can.
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    I like to enjoy each moment as it comes. Spontaneity in small doses leads to realizations and introspection, or so I've found.

    It doesn't have to be grand. Mostly it has to be different.
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    You can live in the moment and live in the now while still being a planner. That's what I do. I still give myself time to think about and plan the future as much as I can. The trick for me is to appreciate where you are and what you can do right now. Live with the thought of I won't be here forever, I am in a unique place that I will never live again (usually) and I am going to soak up every good part of it. Try getting into the mindset that even when you walk out your front door you go "aaaaah, Alaska "
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    It could be worse.
    I think that you need to give yourself a break. Your family has been geographically separated for quite some time and you dealt with a major illness. It will come in time.

    Plan your fun and your trips, and you will start to relax as you do live your daily life and will start living more and enjoying the moment. I suspect after all that your family has been through the past few years, that it will be a process for you.

    Maybe you could consciously set aside a certain amount of time every few days, like Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons, to work on your plans for your trips and activities, and make yourself a physical or computer file, and close or put it away when it's not those times. Let it go until the next time you've schedule for yourself to work on it. It works for me!

    I think wanting to plan out the future and thinking about it so much (at least for me, may be different for you) is a control thing. As military families, so much is out of our control and health issues don't help matters. For me, it's about embracing what I can control while at the same time learning to embrace what I can't control. Just something to think about.
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    Do you guys have a dog? My dog keeps me so grounded in the present and is a constant reminder to me to live in the moment. It's the way their brains work. She doesn't care that she's going to daycare tomorrow or the dog park this weekend. All she cares about at this very moment is the bone she's chewing. When we go for a walk this morning, all she'll care about is today's smells on our usual route. Spending time with this little furball so caught up in the now has a real calming effect on me, as it does for a lot of people. If you guys don't have a dog, maybe visit a friend who does. I swear they're better than Valium!

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