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Thread: Needing Advice For Prior Enlisted To Military Spouse

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    Nutts Needing Advice For Prior Enlisted To Military Spouse

    I met my husband while we were both active duty enlisted. We both got out of the AF a few years ago. He is now going back into active duty. I'm a little nervous. Although I know a lot about the military I know the military from the stand point of the person that is active. Was just wondering if someone else has ever been through this and if theres any tips to helping me adjust to not being the one thats active? Any tips on being a military wife? I have never been on this end and need some major advice and tips.
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    In the space of a year, I retired, met and married my now husband of four years. I think it's harder being the one left behind but I draw from the strength and independence grown during my time in the Navy. You will be fine.

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    memorize his social instead of yours! It was a big adjustment for me but I was fine after awhile. I hated feeling like I needed him to do things bc I wasnt the MM but I got over it.
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    Don't beat yourself up if you feel a bit of an identity crisis for awhile. I did and sometimes still do feel like I'm straddling two worlds.
    The upside is that he can tell me things about work without having to explain too many things. :-)
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    The best part of my day is seeing his smile.
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    It's like on the job training. I learn something new every day.
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    Dh and I met while both active navy. He got out while I stayed in then later I got out and he went back in. It took some time for me to adjust to being the dependent and yeah I had to memorize his SSN! My problem was that when ever we went to command functions, I never talked to the other spouses, I was always with the active people because I used to be and we spoke the same language so I didn't so so hot making friends with other spouses. So I would say try to balance out the socialization.

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