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Thread: I dont know what to do

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    Confused I dont know what to do

    Im so disappointed, frustrated, and unsure what to do next . i just want this to go away and be over with

    some of you might have read my thread awhile ago about wanting to move out of my apartment bc of a bad situation going on with my roommates.
    The situation is that I am on a 15 month lease with a girl (i used to be really good friends with) and her boyfriend. After moving in with them, i witnessed several heated arguments between them. He has a really bad temper and would threaten her saying he will fuck her up or hes gonna tear her ass up and i heard him hit her one night followed by her screaming i cant believe you hit me and you will never touch me like that again over and over again. I found out he had guns under the couches and a knife under the stove and he gets drunk almost every night. I felt unsafe living there with them and i moved out. I told the police everything that was going on and they told me he had a prior arrest history for domestic assualt and property damage. they said they were already investigating him before i even came to them and said they have 24/7 survellience on the apartment and its only a matter of time before they get a warrant (hes got connections with drugs/drug dealers also) Im still paying rent but they paid rent late last month so they are now ruining my credit and im responsible for any damage they do to the apartment. ive been to the leasing office several times and they wont help me. I had small claims court today bc she sued me for 4,200 (the rest of the rent) saying that i wasnt paying but she admitted in court that i was paying rent still and had papers to prove it. i want to get off the lease but hiring a lawyer seems like i would lose just as much money as paying the remaining rent. idk what to do i just want to live my life and forget about this mess
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    Have you been to Legal Aid? They may be able to give you some insight or direct you in the right direction.
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    I'm surprised, given the circumstances and your willingness to pay, the leasing office won't let you off the lease. What are their policies on early move outs? I know mine charged two months rent, so maybe you could look into that to get your name off? It totally sucks to have your credit ruined because of someone else. I'm so sorry you're dealing with them... He sounds awful.

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    Definitely check with them again and see if you could just pay a penalty fee or something to get out.

    I'm sorry you're dealing with this

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