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Thread: How to go about it??

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    How to go about it??

    I don't really want to get into our issues on here but I really feel like my DH and I could benefit from marriage counseling. My question is how do we go about getting the help?? Like what is the process through Tricare and everything?

    I know back when I was seeing a therapist, I didn't need a referral right away because you could see them up to 8 times without one and then you get a referral if you would like to continue to see them. Is that the same with a marriage counselor?
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    I'm not too sure? Maybe make an apt with your PCM and explain what's going on or call tricare and see what to do?
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    I would try onesource too.
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    It could be worse.
    Military OneSource Link

    On the right side of the page are some quick links and counseling options should be on there!

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    DF is seeing a counselor due to some issues we were having. Use Military OneSource, they will recommend a counselor for you.
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    Call doctor.

    Ask if they accept tricare.

    Make appointment.

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