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Thread: All American Secret Sister (Sign-ups)!!!

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    Jump for Joy All American Secret Sister (Sign-ups)!!!


    Secret Sister Rules

    This round is known as All American Secret Sisters!! The round will run from July 5th until August 10th. This round will be a little shorter.

    During the round send all questions/concerns to me (kylalynn). Your sign up date for MSOS must be on or before January 5th 2012.

    Please have questionnaires in by July 3rd so that we can get matches done and have them to you by July 5th. If you sign up and decide not to do it, please let me know before the round starts!

    To sign up, please send this questionnaire to me, kylalynn

    1. SOS Username:
    2. Name:
    3. Email:
    4. Aim sn:
    5. Yahoo sn:
    6. MSN sn:
    7. Address(for snail mail):
    8. Any other SOS username that you have had:

    Fun Facts:
    1. Your Birthday:
    2. Your Age:
    3. Your SO's name/job/your anniversary:
    4. Children's name(s):
    5. Favorite color(s):
    6. Pets? If so, what kind and what are their name(s)?:
    7. Allergies?:
    8. Are you into sporting events...if so which sport?:
    9. Do you have pierced ears?
    10. Do you like jewelry? If so, what kind/type?
    11. Do you own an iPod/Zune/MP3 player? If so, which one?
    12. Is your SO currently in a different location that you (TDY, deployed, GeoBach)?
    13. What hobby/ies would you like to learn but just haven't?
    14. Do you like Spring/Summer?:
    15. Do you have plans this Summer?:
    16. Anything you are looking forward to?:
    17. A goal you have for this round:
    18. One things that you want to do before the end of the year:
    19. How do you celebrate July 4th?:

    Name your favorite...
    1. Bath gel/body wash scent(s):
    2. Perfume scent(s):
    3. Nail polish color(s):
    4. Restaurant(s):
    5. Store(s) to shop in:
    6. Magazine(s):
    7. Drink (alcoholic or otherwise?):
    8. Online place to shop:
    9. Flower(s):
    10. Fav Candy:
    11. TV show(s):
    12. Actor/Actress:
    13. Movie(s):
    14. Singer/Band/Group:
    15. Author(s):
    16. Cooks/Chefs (ie. Emeril, Paula Deen):
    18. Do you collect anything?:

    An interesting fact about yourself:

    Anything else you would like your secret sister to know:

    Any special requests or things I should know about pairing you? *Your secret sister will not see this*:
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    Some things came up and I wasn't able to be one to promote this round.

    I will be extending the sign-ups until July 11th if any one is interested in signing up.

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