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Thread: Job interview on Monday

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    Job interview on Monday

    So, for a while I have been considering moving on from my current job, for a number of reasons. Last week, I was approached about a great job opportunity, this week I submitted my resume, and today they called to schedule an interview for Monday, which is exciting. It's basically the same job I'm doing now but in a different office, and geography is a big part of my reason for wanting to change jobs. But it has been 6 years since I've been on a job interview, and I've also never been on an interview for a lateral position (my current job is my first out of law school), so there are some things I've never had to navigate before and I'm not sure exactly how to go about it.

    Salary: When is the appropriate time to discuss salary? Is it inappropriate to raise compensation questions, say, during the end portion of the interview when the interviewer typically asks if the interviewee has any questions? If they throw out a number that's just not going to work, how blunt is it ok to be about that, and how should I proceed as far as countering the figure? If they ask me what I'm looking for salary-wise, how do I avoid selling myself short while at the same time not seeming arrogant?

    Benefits: Assuming I'm offered the negotiable are "unique" benefits? For example, I'm licensed to practice law in two states; my license to practice in the state where this new job is is in "inactive" status. All it will take to bring it back into "active" status is to pay a fee for every year of inactivity..but it's been 5 years now, so it's going to cost a nice chunk of change (think, like $1,000). Is it unreasonable to ask them to pay for that? My current job doesn't pay for our licensing fees, which I've heard is pretty unusual in similar offices elsewhere.

    Start date: Again, assuming I'm offered the job...I get the impression from the way I was approached about the job that they're looking to hire someone as soon as possible, but also that they're looking for an exceptional candidate. I'm really hoping to start at the beginning of the new year for a few reasons. For one, I have some responsibilities at my current job that would take more than a standard two weeks to wrap up and hand off. Second, and more critical, is the fact that I have two necessary medical procedures scheduled in December; I can't put them off time-wise and I can't afford them without insurance. My insurance through current job will terminate the same month as my employment, but I don't want to risk the billing cycle not being complete or something before I leave my job and end up getting stuck with the bill, or even just having to fight with the insurance company to get it covered. And I don't know how long it would take for new insurance to kick in through the new job. How much of that should I share with this (or any) prospective employer? The health issues I'm dealing with aren't live-threatening, and they shouldn't have any impact on me being able to do my job, other than the occasional personal day if a medical appointment is necessary, but I am still in the diagnostic stage of things.

    I appreciate any advice anyone can give me!
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    I think there are different way of handling things, but personally I’d try to get a ballpark range of salary during the interview and save negotiations for when they make the offer. I think asking to start in January is very reasonable at this point and i think you can address that at the offer stage too. My job was in a rush to get someone in and they still let me choose. Plus the holidays are coming up which is a good excuse. I think you should just ask for the date they want and if they counter or seem reluctant you can say something like, unfortunately due to previous commitments I’m not able to start any sooner. Perhaps you can say you’ll start working on small admin things like the licensing thing in December to make them feel like you are committed? I don’t have any advice about the fee. It doesn’t seem too Im reasonable to ask, but I have no experience doing something like that.

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