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Thread: I need motivation

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    I need motivation

    I don't want to do my school work. At all. No motivation whatsoever. I know I need to do it. But I don't want to.

    Someone tell me all the reasons why school is important and I need to do my assignments. I already know why. But I need to hear it from someone else.

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    When I was in undergrad, I broke down the cost per class session based on my tuition/scholarship...every time I was tempted to skip a lecture or a lab, I thought about how it was basically the same as setting that money on fire. It was pretty effective.

    But keep your eye on the prize- you're doing all this work to get your degree for reasons, whether it's work in a particular field, pursue an advanced degree down the road, etc...whatever the reasons are, they were important enough to you that you went through the trouble of getting into school and coming as far as you have at this point. Keep going!
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    If you do homework, you will get a good grade. And if you have good grades, then you will find a better job. And... you will have a lot of money!

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