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Thread: College Help!

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    I would avoid for-profit colleges at all cost. Like would not even consider them regardless of funding and situation. Their bad reputation is earned, it's not just rumors or a few bad experiences.
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    Non Profit v Profit colleges

    I have taught at both public (ground & non-profit online) and for-profit colleges and the for-profit colleges are more expensive. Private colleges typically have high costs as well.
    The main issues I would be concerned about are accreditation and making sure your courses will transfer. Not all classes (even from accredited schools) will transfer the same. Some may only transfer as electives.
    To see if a course will transfer for your major you need to see if there is a comparable course at the next school. If you don't know the next school, that is hard to do.

    Online classes often require a greater time investment than ground campuses, but that depends on the class.
    If you can find a program that has a good reputation and is primarily a ground based school that also has online classes, that degree may be viewed more favorably. (Speaking generally, of course.) The stereotype against all online colleges is slowly changing, but academia is resisting.
    I teach at SNHU, so I won't speak on them as I am clearly biased IN their favor.

    Many for-profit school have had trouble with the Feds, a quick Google search will fill you in. One was on probation with the Military, for example.
    Others have had recent changes that are too new to evaluate.
    Purdue has purchased Kaplan.
    EDMC has just been purchased by the Dream Center.

    This may have been more info than you wanted, but thought I would share what I know.
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