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Thread: TORN... what job do I chose

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    I love travelling for work. can get old.
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    Would you get paid overtime/shift differential for all that travel? It would be important to know if that position is considered exempt or not. DH has colleagues in his same position who are on 100% travel and they don't mind because the overtime pay is ridic and they make bank. As an exempt person, I hate traveling for work, I think it sucks that I have a 12 hour day going to a conference and none of it counts as "work time"
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    I would look at your long-term career goals. What job can you grow and acquire new skills etc. It seems like the hair job would be cool for a bit, but I don't see much opportunity for growth (I know absolutely nothing about the industry though, so I could be way wrong). Also, what everyone else said about pet care/
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    I love traveling. I would love that
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    What does your DH think about it? I get what you say about him being gone for long periods of time but I don't think I'd like DH to have a job where he's only home on the weekends ... and I consider myself pretty independent, I would just like him to be around more than that. But if he's gone a lot too maybe it works out.

    I agree with PPs I would definitely consider a plan B for the pets in case your mom can't or won't watch them anymore. 4 pets 5 days a week is a huge commitment. Or for example say she wants to take a trip somewhere, etc. what would the plan be then? Maybe you already have somewhere you board them or a plan in place, but if you don't I would think about the possibility.

    Travel is totally an individual thing! I used to travel for work a lot more than I do now, at most it was probably 2-3 weeks every quarter and I enjoyed that quite a bit. It does get kind of old though, I remember one time it took me like 20 hours to get home because of flight delays and weather and I was totally over it. Every week 4-5 days would be way too much for me. I also had an expense account so I don't know how I"d feel about waiting to be reimbursed, but again that's an individual thing if you're comfortable with it. I would consider getting a rewards card of some kind and also signing up for hotel rewards because it sounds like you'll be traveling a LOT and it's nice to get the perks if you have to be doing it anyway.
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