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Thread: Anyone gave up their career?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaywalton View Post
    Hey guys,

    I am really struggling!
    Let me shortly tell you about my background before I ask my question that is probably already obvious.

    I am about to be 33yo and I dedicated my life to my career in hotels. I have worked my way up in several different countries. I am currently in Germany where I also met my now fiance. We were supposed to get married in February but some things happened along with his deployment so we rescheduled for October when he is back.
    In November, I decided to quit my job as a General Manager at a 5* hotel due to several unpleasant reasons and really started thinking of what I could do while being married to my man and living on post. Since he had to deploy, I decided to work some more on part time basis along with my nail business ( I am a certified nail tech as well). This plan was awesome until I received a job offer from a company that provides hotels with products that are #1 in the world. The offer was too good to be true and hard to turn down. So yea, its the end of April, I am working as a sales manager for Eastern Europe, I sell a product that basically sells itself and considering I have a strong hotel background, I don' really have to put any effort in selling pitches. I travel, I meet interesting people, I get more job offers, I am making a beautiful paycheck....this job is everything I ever wished for.
    I know i will be able to keep this job and work from home once my babe gets back. he even sacrificed himself and he is extending his stay in Germany for one more year but I am already thinking of my life once we leave. I know I might sound selfish but I am terrified of being a stay at home mom.

    So my question is....Anyone out here had to give up on their dream job as well? How did you cope with it?

    I do really like the idea that if you feel like you're giving up your career then maybe this isn't the right decision for you. I think its a delicate balance between what is best for you and what is best for your family. While I haven't had this exact experience, I cannot imagine that "giving up" something you love so much will ever feel like the right decision in the end. I think the sacrifices you and your husband are making are wonderful, but I get the sense that loosing your career would really be like loosing a part of who you are. Its a bummer that such a huge decision is placed into your hands that could really change your life.
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    It's not selfish for not wanting to be a stay at home mom.

    And nobody is saying that once you have kids you must stay at home anyway.

    (Although i am not working a career job) I went back to work just before my kid turned 3 months old and I am absolutely happy with my decision.
    Do what makes you happy and keeps you sane.
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    OP hasn't logged on in months. Just FYI, since lots of older threads have been bumped recently.
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