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Thread: Two Jobs?

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    My mom is in her early 60s and has worked 2 jobs for the past 7 or 8 years. She works full time in an administrative position at a college and works part time evenings and weekends at the library for a total of 70 hours a week. It started out as necessity after a divorce and having my brother still at home and in college, but now she sees it as a way to keep her busy now that my brother is out of house. She has also started school and earned her bachelor's while taking classes during her lunch hour in this time frame and is now working on her master's. Granted she does have a lot of time at her library job for school work and it's nowhere near as tiring as food service can be, but I feel like if she can do all that at her age anyone can
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    I currently have a full-time job and two part-time jobs. I need them to pay my bills because my full-time job is through a non-profit & I only get a living allowance (after taxes it's well below the poverty line) I honestly don't know how I'm alive lol. I do freelance writing and I work at a grocery store on the weekends. And all of my bosses think they're the most important....

    Honestly, it's not THAT bad, but if I didn't have to do, there is no way in hell I would be
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    Quote Originally Posted by cinnamonbunz View Post
    And all of my bosses think they're the most important....
    That's the only tough part I've run into while working more than one job...both bosses always think that, THAT job comes first which if one is a degree earned and gov job that pays the bills, of course that one does come before a minimum wage side job.

    But in my case both my jobs were not a degree earned spot...just two (slightly above minimum wage) jobs that were equally important

    But if you're up for two jobs and you can handle it and are well with time management while still having a life as to not go insane from working all the time, then go for it, do whatever benefits you. And like others stated, you're not forced to stay at the second job if you come to find that it's too much for you to handle at once.
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    I currently am working two jobs, I have a full time bank teller job M-F and I also work weekend mornings at the local hospital lab doing blood draws. The second job is scheduled 8 hours a week, 6-10 am each day. Saturday they want me there the entire shift, Sundays I will occasionally get the full day off or only work an hour or two. It all depends on how many blood draws are slated for the morning and how busy the ER is. It's tough, but I wanted to be sure and have a financial cushion when I got divorced. But I have been saving and budgeting and I am hoping to be able to stop the second job in a month or so.
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    I enjoy working 2 jobs. I used to work 8:30-5 M-F and worked retail from 5:30-10ish and on the weekends. Around the holidays it was hectic and I regretted working two jobs because people are just plain out nasty at that time..but a coffee shop may not be so bad. I worked 2 jobs up until I decided to go back to school and then I went down to one job. I graduate this may! (YAY) and my DH (at that point) will be deployed so I plan on getting a 2nd job to help take up time and save some extra money for myself.
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    I'm not sure if I can technically say I work multiple jobs but in terms of W2 forms I'll receive at the end of this year, I work 3 jobs technically. My full time job, my nonprofit job and on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings I work in my churches nursery. My full time job is Mon-Fri and I kind of marry my ministry job with that. A lot of my nonprofit work is social media and computer things so if my full time is slow, I will work on that. Thursdays I have teen nights which is about 5-6 hours of my week.

    I've had to find a good balance between the three and it's a lot of scheduling and planning so I keep everything written down in my Planner. I have to make sure I force myself to take family days or "do nothing" days to relax but it can be hard sometimes!

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    I worked two jobs for a while when I was in college. One was a completely set schedule (at a public school, so no flexibility) and the other was food service, so they accommodated the school job. Honestly, I loved it. I was taking a LOT of credit hours, so I had not one iota of time to waste, and I was so so so productive. I'm a procrastinator, so having no time to waste is a good thing for me.
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    I did it after college. I was teaching Head Start preschool from 7:45-4:00ish and the I'd book it to my waitressing/bartending job to be there by 4:30 and work until close and not get home until 11:30 some nights. I liked being busy...but it got old after awhile and I was constantly exhausted.
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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    Sorry I totally started this and (ironically) got super busy later in the week!

    Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences. As it turns out my old boss contacted me to work on a project part-time/remotely, so I am going to do that. Much more flexible, and still in my field, so I'm pretty pumped about it
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    I have worked two jobs for certain periods of time throughout my life. One being the 9-5 and the other doing retail. I worked for JCPenney and even though I hated it, they were very flexible with my schedule and let me close every night because of my other job. I've had people turn me down because of that too. Just depends where you go, but I would recommend putting your resume out there as much as possible and going into the stores to meet the manager that you would be dealing with so they may put a face to the application since they will be receiving so many. I work 20+ hours and go to school full time as well and usually pick up two jobs during summer. You get a little burnt out, but it definitely keeps you busy and you sound like you can more then handle it as well!!
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