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Thread: Good vibes please and update me on your lives!

  1. we were all rooting for you
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    we were all rooting for you
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    Good vibes please and update me on your lives!

    Hi, friends!

    I know I haven't posted in a while, work has been keeping me absolutely insanely swamped. If you remember, earlier this year I finished up my masters and post-bac certificate, and gave everything up to relocate to DC for my dream job. Well, turns out it is absolutely awful. I'm treated horribly and this job is not what I thought it would be at all. I'm not upset anymore because I wouldn't have known this and I'm still glad I took this leap of faith - after all, I ended up in a wonderful place for my field. I've started the process of looking for a new job and got to the final round at a nonprofit a few weeks ago, but didn't get the job. Last week I put in for a different job that's literally perfect (and also what I spent two years of grad school researching + working on - it was my thesis!), so I am really hoping I get a call this week.

    Can I get some good vibes please? Also tell me about your lives!
  2. Team Rocket
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    San Diego!!!
    Ladyfriend you can have all the goodvibes!!!

    I have an awful UTI right now so all I can think about is how much longer (5 hr 45 min) I have to wait until my Dr. appt.
    Other than that, life is good
    WiggleWiggle~ is my Wifey
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    All the good vibes!

    I feel like we're in limbo. DH still hasn't heard back about his orders that the SgtMaj was going to look into. We also don't know if they're going to approve his leave starting this weekend. This command is notorious for denying leave or waiting until the day before it begins to approve it. It's because he's recruiting and they can't manage being down a recruiter. We were supposed to go home to see our families but at this point airline ticket prices are through the roof. So even if they did approve it we probably can't go anyway. This blows.

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    I hope you get a call back!

    Back to working again, its a pro and a con (although I assumed working again would be a pro all around).
    It's... an adjustment trying to figure the newest expectations and standards since my old supervisor transferred. But hopefully I can get it soon.

    Other than that I've been doing fine I suppose. Only positive is I'm working.
  5. The name says it all!
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    The name says it all!
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    Loki's chambers

    Sending you all the good vibes I have!

    Nothing new here. Keeping kids and the husband alive, got another one inside for a few more months and then they'll be coming out to play. I'm exhausted, but that's because no one in the house seems to think I need sleep. I keep thinking the phrase "You can sleep when you're dead" is based on my life.

    I hope you can get this new job you applied for!

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    I'm sorry it didn't live up to your expectations but I'm sure this has put you on the path to something even better!

    I've been working on training our new pup and unpacking all our stuff. I went through a rough bout of homesickness this weekend when my family was taking their annual vacation and I wasn't able to be there, but I'm feeling a lot better already.
  7. Justice Beaver: The Crime Fighting Beaver
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    Sorry your job didn't turn out how you thought it would; that's so disappointing!

    I've been working and staying busy. DH is *hopefully* getting out of the marines in June. We'll see though! Either way, our LDR will be over soon

  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Jacksonville, FL

    :wavy sorry your new job isn't what you expected! You were so excited for it that sucks.

    Not much new here...getting married in about 2.5 weeks and moving to Jacksonville, FL in April! I'm right there with you with disliking work though the job I started in January isn't all it was supposed to be either so I'm literally counting down the days.
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    Sorry about your current job. I know how it is having a job not turn out like you thought it would be. It's still a life learning experience though. Nothing new with my life. DF and I are up north visiting his family, going back home in a couple of days. When we mentioned possibly moving the date earlier, his mom was wondering if I was pregnant. (I'm not btw)

    to you on getting that other job!
  10. One does not simply Ewok into Endor
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    All of the hugs and good vibes. Hate that it ended up being complete shit.

    I have the stomach flu.

    <3 Anthiea <3 KittenMittens <3
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