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Thread: Dog groomers

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    I would go to Petsmart/Petco. Being hired on there could give you some stability.

    This is the second employer that has let you go, or changed directions in their business. Big chains like Petsmart aren't going anywhere and you could get some longevity there, as well as solid experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaA View Post
    No licensing just most employers prefer you to have some form of training over being self taught.

    Thanks for the advice I'll keep it in mind! I know I talked to DB's mom who knows a little about it and she suggested building a portfolio so if I do leave Petco and want to go to a private shop I can show what I've done, not just have my resume.

    There is a demand in the area for groomers, most of the shops here have closed because the rent around here is just nuts. I know our phone is constantly ringing with people that are saying their place closed. I'd stick with pets for now, I honestly don't know much about dog shows.
    That doesn't necessarily make grooming a viable option though, whether people need the service or not, if it's too expensive for anyone to keep the doors open it's not gonna work out.
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