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Thread: What did you major in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EverlastingLove View Post
    The two schools im currently waiting to hear back from are Penn State and Oregon State because both offer great online programs and are affordable. Most other distance learning schools are $500+ per credit and that's not something I can afford without tapping into my GI Bill. However, Penn State offers a degree in biobehavioral health (like a cross between biology and psychology) and OSU offers quite a few science degrees (ecology, environmental sciences, resource science) etc. I guess I just don't know well enough about those fields

    ultimately id like to work in a research lab, something with forensics, or possibly med school.
    If you wanna go to medschool, you're gonna need a really good degree from a good school. Maybe cell & molecular biology or human physiology or biochemistry. And lots of lab work. I supervise an assistant who is in the process of applying for med school and it's insane how difficult it is. You have to know SO MANY THINGS. She's shown me her practice MCAT questions and they're very specific about biochemical reactions and genetics and lots of lab-based things. I don't think you could do it well enough online.

    If you like medical lab science, you could look into a clinical laboratory science degree. Usually they work in hospital/clinic labs running all the tests. My mom works in a cryogenetics lab right now and she does the tests on fetuses to find out why people miscarried (chromosomal abnormality or something else)
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    History with a minor in legal studies. My masters is in criminal justice. I plan to go to law school next fall.

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    I'm working on a bachelors in business administration, for no reason other than my local college offers it and I can avoid loans. No clue what I'm gonna do with it. Hopefully get a job.
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    I work for a technology company as a software engineer. I started in quality assurance. My degree is in statistics. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job, and I can analyze the data and control the solutions that are provided.
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    I am going for history and also teaching and I will use it while I go back to school to do engineering.
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    Currently working on an accounting degree!! Lots of possibilities with it!
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    Human development and family studies. Loved it! But not doing anything with it.

    If I could do it again I would do communications or business.

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    Bachelors of Science in Nursing ... ended up being a good choice in the military lifestyle cause i have always been able to find a job
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    Undergrad: Political Science with minors in history and peace and conflict studies
    Masters: Criminal Justice with a certificate in national security studies

    and yes I am I'm work for the federal government in one of these fields :-P
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    I majored in Aviation Management with Flight. The "with Flight" portion means that I got my pilot licenses in addition to my major. I hold a license for commercial single engine and multi engine land aircraft, with an instrument rating though I'm not current (I couldn't just go to an airport right now and fly a plane). Originally planned on being an airline pilot but the industry is shit (I could go on a loooong rant about that) so explored other options for my degree. I've been doing airport planning ever since I graduated. First job was an architecture firm in Hawaii, second was a small engineering firm in Syracuse NY, and now I work for a giant global engineering firm in Philadelphia (we have about 90,000 employees worldwide). The airport planning industry itself is very small and niche. If I wasn't doing what I'm doing now, I really don't have any clue what I would be doing

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