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I have a cast iron question! What do you do if it gets sticky/gummy? I’m pretty sure that happens when you use too much oil or something but I’m not sure how to fix it.
Yes, that's usually too much oil. It can also mean that the pan wasn't seasoned at a high enough temperature or for long enough, but usually it's too much oil. Normally, what happens is that you oil it and heat it, and the oil "polymerises" - it hardens into something a little like plastic, and slips into all the little imperfections in the surface of the pan to seal them off. If the surface is sticky or gummy, then for one reason or another the polymerisation hasn't finished yet.

The easiest way to fix this would be to scrub the residue off, rinse the pan off in hot water, dry it...basically clean it as well as you can (soap is okay here, since it's about to be completely redone) and then re-season it. Re-seasoning is your factory reset.

Less oil (spread the layer of oil around everywhere inside and out, so it's whisper thin, and then wipe any excess off with a cloth while it's still hot), a hotter temperature in the oven to seal it, a longer time. Between all three, you should solve the problem