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Thread: Friggin' hate PTSD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerdabell View Post
    Update: He has become a hermit. Literally ignoring all calls, text, and other forms of contact. I've spoken to his roommates and he speeds his days locked up in his room playing games. He hasn't spoken to his brother in a while (used to be at least twice a week). I've finally gotten into contact with an excellent equine therapy center and have looked into alternative therapies but now the tricky part is trying to get him to talk with me or even just listen.

    I would suggest trying to reach out to him via his combat buddies. When guys shut down like this sometimes they only want to talk to the guys who understand why they are feeling that way. Perhaps they can encourage him. Good luck. I know this is hard!
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    I will say having someone who was with him during the events that caused the PTSD may help. I know for me I respond to other survivors better because in my mind I think "they get it". From a standpoint of someone who has done what he's doing it was much easier for me to talk to other survivors than people that haven't because I look up to them. I know it sounds weird, deep down I know my other friends and family want what is best for me, but I feel like the other survivors just get it. It's irrational but it's just how I've noticed I feel. Something that I will admit hasn't done my relationship any good.

    Has someone with both PTSD and depression you are on the right track, don't back down, be persistent with him let him know you're there and you still care. My DB stopped so I started thinking he didn't care and it made my depression worse. When you can PM feel free to message me.
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    Thank you so much ladies!

    @AmandaA Thank you!!! I don't want him to feel that I don't care. I had my mini breaking point after work today and I called him. He finally answered so I set up a few dates and double dates with friends and family of ours. I've consulted my own therapist friend and he said not to bring anything up which I haven't. I steered away from that all, just had a "normal" everyday conversation. Its hard to get a hold of his buddies since he's the only one out, and this two best buds recently became fathers. I have my marine best woman as well as my marine vet cousin who are helping me understand.
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