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Thread: I Understand ptsd, but this case is confusing me??? Help

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    Or not try to diagnose a personality disorder through one post on the computer especially as someone unqualified to do so until they graduate and get licensed...but anyway OP, I agree with the others that you need counseling for how to cope with this. At least an in person, support group if nothing else. I will say this, as a licensed clinical social worker who works with Veterans day in and day out, PTSD presents a little differently in almost every situation but there are many consistently shown traits that might not technically be symptoms, count towards diagnosis, etc. One of the most prevalent things I have seen is that Veterans seem to cling to their caregivers as their lifeline. Now y'alls relationship does not sound like it is at a healthy point, and he may not treat you well most of the time, but he might still see you as his lifeline. That's why in addition to you both going to individual counseling, couples counseling to relearn how to relate to each other/communicate as a married couple might be a good idea.
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    Sorry, I figured in this casual forum that the reference prior to the quote was enough. I have added it now.
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