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Thread: PTSD with the new guy...

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    PTSD with the new guy...

    Hey sisters,
    It's been a long long time and I have missed you'all. Quick recap- exDB with PTSD has been mia 1.5 years now; then there was the doesn't wanna be a DB national guard that got deployed, followed by the lying deployed guy who said he was a ranger but too many lies he was caught in/ and too many girlfriends. Clearly I have a type...dang hot military uniforms.
    Fast forward to today... new DB has PTSD too- I must have a magnet... DB's amazing and we click/ have same values, wants, dreams for future etc.
    Ironically things are going well and this post is more about fb lol. While liking random military pic posts on fb this past week when I came across a fb page on combat/ military PTSD. Is it just me or is the rest of the world catching up and trying to help our men (and women) when they return home??!!?? I'll throw the link in the bottom- in case you're interested/ if it can help anyone.

    Stay strong for your partners- Hugs!
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