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Thread: Unexpected c-section. . .

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    Unexpected c-section. . .

    I went into my appointment on the 16th, thinking everything was fine. I was soon to learn that was not the case. My blood pressure was high and they put me in the hospital to see if they could get it down. No such luck, so after two days in the hospital, they decided it was safest to go ahead and deliver the baby at 33 weeks. I kept telling them that whatever was safest for the baby, please do that. What was scary for me was when they were numbing me up for the c-section and my blood pressure dropped to 55/38. I couldn't breathe. I kept seeing things through tunnel vision. Scary stuff. They delivered Arya safely and I was in the hospital for 6 days, but I'm healing and getting better. I, obviously, left Arya in the NICU because she was in an incubator and since we don't have one of those here at the house, it was safest to leave her in the hospital where professionals can care for her while I'm not there. I feel so lost without her being right down the hall, but I do get to see her when I go and visit, and that's going to have to be enough for now. I just want to hold my baby.

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    I wondered where you went.

    If NICU is where the little one needs to be for a while so she can get strong, then that can’t be helped. She will be okay though. She’s made it this far, and even if you can’t hold her just now it’s clear you still love her. Your fierce little princess has her whole life ahead of her to learn just how much.

    Welcome to the world, corazoncita. Your mamá was very brave getting you here.
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    & on the new baby girl!

    I'm sure it's very difficult to have her in the NICU and not be with her all the time like you were anticipating but she will get stronger and bust out of that joint before you know it!

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