Haven't seen the orders yet - but we are gearing up... of course my mind is spinning with trying to plan for EVERYTHING. Of course, I know I can't possibly plan everything but one thing I want to start thinking about is a post deployment vacation. our family takes 1 family vacation per year.... generally right after kids get out of school. Looks like deployment is going to mess that up this coming year so I want to start thinking now. So I have a few questions....

1) Post deployment vacation ... Have you taken one?
2) Do we plan this a family vacation or "reconnecting" with each other vacation? ( of course if we don't bring kids then I would need to plan a separate family vaca)
3) Best places to go that won't break the bank? We generally do a beach vacation every year
4) Best military discount vacation spot?

I figured the post vacation will give us something to plan for and look forward to.