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Thread: Not sure if I should call it quits or try to hang on longer

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    you do you! get out now before the verbal abuse gets worse!but remember everything can be a learning experience so don't regret anything

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    It sounds like he has a lot to work out with himself before he can commit to someone else. I would end the relationship and concentrate on school and getting life together without him. He's abusing you therefore you should leave. It's great he's seeking help but maybe this is an endeavor he needs to go through alone so he doesn't hurt you.
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    You are dating a child. A man doesn't take his toys and leave when things get hard. He stays and works through them, takes a brief break (like a walk around the block) before doing so if necessary, or he ends things and sticks by that decision. He doesn't throw a tantrum and run away and use threats and emotional manipulation.

    No one should be treated like that. Get out and demand something better for yourself.
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    Thank you everyone for all the helpful responses. I'm really relieved I can come on here and share this kind of personal stuff and get supportive responses. It's been nice to get a lot of different perspectives on things.
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