Sorry I have been offline for a little bit... Actually we had real open and truthful discussion and I got to the bottom of his DRAMA. We became friends but like the ladies on this message board said it is kind of hard to be friends when you have feelings for someone. At first it was hard to be his friend but we eventually became just friends. I have to say after all the cards laid on the table these ladies gave some really good advise.They hit the nail on the head. If he wanted me to go with him or anything he would of done so.I learned from this though a lot. He was just stringing me along come to find out it is really funny we became so close as friends he told me everything. He sung like a canary. I mean everything. Patience it will unravel and the truth will come out. It was amazing how it all worked itself out. He is away now and he is really busy they have him working a lot where he is at compared to where he was. He is good though.