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Thread: Getting Time Off

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    Getting Time Off

    Hey all

    I know this question would probably be better asked to my DB, but I'm so anxious to know and communication has been minimal where he's deployed so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. What are the guidelines for post deployment time off. I've heard that they get post deployment leave, but I'm not sure if it's time they take off of the leave days they've accumulated, or if they're given time to and can choose to extend it. Any help would be awesome!
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    It all depends on branch, deployment, post-deployment check/classes etc. For instance, I know my DB, he's in the Marines, gets block leave when he gets home. But he has to take a week of classes, do gear return, and get re-set up on base etc. He said he won't know how long his block leave is until after he gets home, but that it should start about a week after he gets home. Also, I know he will get a 72(hour) pass at some point very soon after he gets home. Again this is just our unique situation so it all depends.
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    For Navy, they do 'stand down'
    Half the ship will get the first 1-2 weeks off, then the second half of the crew will get the next 1-2 weeks off.

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    I agree, branch in particular is important to know. DH, I believe got 48 hours home and was then supposed to go in and tell them "hey I'm back" (some paperwork) and then his auto two weeks would start. He could also request extra leave at that time to be added to the end of his two weeks. It's totally different for other branches though.

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