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Thread: Writers, writing (or at leat trying)

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    1)How long have you been writing? Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed jotting down my crazy stories.
    2)Ever had any of your work published? I am currently revising my book and once more sending it out to the literary agents.
    3)What do you write about? Everything, but mainly fiction.

    4)Would you post something here so others can read it? Prologue: I Believe | I Do Believe

    Prologue: I Believe
    hyndsight / January 12, 2014

    Book One

    Cyerindell and the Book of Nighon

    By C. Grant

    Prologue: I Believe

    The deafening silence made the ears of all those around ache and ring out in the darkness. The fall at the battle seemed to be on the horizon and they were no longer the victors they had once thought to be. The light was pale that shot across the skylines of the black sky. Thundering booms were heard from others outside of the battle grounds. The darkness crept over the hills, and it seemed that in that breath, all was truly lost. Through the dirt and thick smoke, it was hard to make anyone out at all. Let alone two individuals who were silenced from the echoed explosions around them. These two individuals were more important than they could ever let on to believe. They would change the world without the realization of how they were doing it. But at this stinging moment, all that was forgotten. The battle was lost, it was inevitable, and there was no continuing after this. No stories, no sonnets it was the endless moments and the soft breath.

    As the smoke would clear slightly the two individuals could be seen. The man had a torn jacket his arm was carrying a bloody wound on his left shoulder. Burnt corners of his shoulder were lingered fragmented pieces. His pants were dirty and scraped, and his face was cut above his brow. There was a look of fear in those eyes, but the thing that it seemed to fear was… death. However, it was not his own. For in his arms there was a woman, thick locks of curly hair that held tightly on to the leaf that was somehow locked into the tresses of dark mahogany. She was a beauty even in this state of near death. Her hands were lingering along the side of his arm where a cracked gemstone and a book fell from her fingers. The book itself was charred it cover had lost all the glory it may have once held, only now to reveal a thirteen pointed triangle impressed in the cover, the pages had been torn from it, ripped from the spine where others had been cut, burned, and covered in the dark vitae of the once living. The stone on the other hand was a cobalt blue. Unlike all the other stones that had existed this was something special, this was something rare and dare it be said magical. This stone was the size of a soft ball, the equivalent to one beating heart. It glowed much like that, if a heart were to shine, it would pulse in such a significant glow that the other gems would crack with envy.

    She held the most different eyes he had ever seen. Central heterochromia, the scientists would call it. The beauty of gold around the pupil that would burst out like a star of green and blues until it finally made a violet rim. It was in this moment that she looked back over to him and whispered something no one could hear. Ears still rang in pain from the recent explosion, but she whispered it once more as her hand went up to wards his face. Her body was thick with the muscle tone of someone who ran marathons for fun, an athlete who was downed it seemed. The burn on her side of her cheek gave way that she was struck by something hot. Another boom echoed, in the distance, as the large plume of smoke rose into the air.

    “Eleven years.” The words came right from her lips and this time they made sense to the man who was next to her. Her plea came out in a horse, and raspy voice it lingered on the breaking point as the others would move the head stretched back up. On her neck held a single scar that she received in her youth, now a faded mark against her flesh. “Send me back, send me to the past eleven years, I can… I can fix this. I know I can… “The breath was heavy and the sounds of the dark forces were approaching in the night. There was the skittering like large beetles that seemed to move over the grounds scraping and clawing deep into the earth, pushing up the dark beasts and those that rode upon them in the distance. The woman went to plead once more as she came closer. “Send me back and this all stops. I know I can fix this only give me the chance to… just one chance. I can make it.” Her foot edged closer to the grave; the hand moved across her cheek to the light nod of those words.

    “Send you back, I can only do this once. It needs to be exact Naughte. No mistakes and I have to know where you were at that moment you know this. “The man hunched over, cradling the woman from the explosions and falling debris was the dear friend everyone hoped to have. His eye, however, had a loss for its match; a giant scar ran through the cheek of his face and had robbed the vision of the left eye. It was a scar he received long ago, but less than eleven years.

    “Eleven years. ” she replied.

    The man gazed to her as it was paused; he trailed a hand down the side woman’s face as he nodded lightly. “You have but one chance and even if one more believes… then we might… we might be able to tip the scales. “ He touched her brow as he whispered lighter. “You may not realize it, but you won’t remember it all, only in the fragments of the dreams… but get them to believe… even if it is just one more…. “

    He moved his hand along his arm where the odd runes laid, his sleeves rolled up as he placed a palm to her brow and then to the center of his chest. He stared to her with a welling of tears in his eyes. The steps were coming closer, the thuds hit the ground in perfect rhythm of the synchronized steps. The low hum of sounds came as the winds rushed passed them both. A blinding light came from his arms, the coiled runes shined brilliantly. The light traveled to his own fingertips that pressed against her and began to sink in to her skin. This light poured out her fingers, lips and eyes. It even caused the man to close his own eyes. Then once in the flash she was gone. The man’s hands lowered… and the world went dark. Eleven years, four months, twenty-one days, three hours, nine minutes and twenty-three seconds to be exact. The world turned back the hands of time all to be rewritten and relived.

    “I do believe… “

    It echoed in the stillness of nothing once more. “I do…. Believe.”
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    I love reading...however, hated whole life. Until a little over a year ago, my life was turned upside down and I fought through every horrific situation you could imagine. I grew a lot, I learned a lot, and I'm so much stronger. Suddenly I love writing and sharing my advice with dealing with adversity allllllll the time. I'm so glad I have writing to deal with my healing. But throughout the writing and journaling, the #1 thing I've realized is that I don't regret a single thing that I endured and survived. Because if it all hadn't happen the way it all happened, I wouldn't have met my amazing counter-part in life and wouldn't be where I am today. Totally worth it.
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    1)I'm 21 years old and I've been writing since i was 9 years old.
    2)No, but it is one of my goals.
    3)Thrillers, mysteries, and drama.
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