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Thread: Air Force people! :D

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    My wife is AF as a Financial Comptroller. We're looking forward to finally PCSing to Texas!

    I may go back in as a Reservist once we get there. Haven't decided yet. Kind of depends on if they'll pay me or not ha!
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    my DF is an F-16 crew cheif. && i am leaving to basic to become an airborne cryptologic linguist in january

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    My DH leaves for Basic in January for the AF. Right now his secured job is a cyber transport system specialist but hes trying to go for SEREs and needs to pass the PAST test and every other requirement & training necessary for it.
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    My DH has been in the AF for about 15 1/2 years, will sew on MSgt in a few weeks. We've been married for 1 1/2 years and are in Kunsan, South Korea together at the moment. HI!
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    DH is currently deployed. We have been married for 15 years. We were stationed together, he deployed to Kuwait, I went to WX school, then we got married when he returned after knowing each other 6 months(so we could get stationed together). Our sense of duty, loyalty and stubbornness helped us to stay together. He eventually went the officer route and I got out to raise our daughter. Now he has been in almost 17 years- where does the time go?? We are finally moving again and should get our orders by July. Fingers crossed for overseas in Europe. We have been to Wyoming, RAF Lakenheath, Utah, Guam and now here. I look forward to sharing and learning from all the fine people on here.
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