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Thread: Guard Girls :)

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    PFDB is GA Guard, he's not active duty though since he is going through school. I don't know very much about the guard, but it's cool to see so many of you on this thread!
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    Heya! My guy is UT National Guard, deploying to Iraq. While he's gone though I'm staying in MA on the MA/RI border (where I grew up & where my parents & brothers are)
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    My hubs is thinking about going AGR later this year. He is leaving to this upcoming week to visit Iowa and talk talk to them. As of now he is active duty AF. I know that his job will be no different than what he is doing doing but for the first time I was finding a lot of negative. I have friends who think its just a weekend thing and when I explained his job is full time on call and deployments/TDYs just like it is now they said they thought Guard were just weekend boys playing wanna be military. Also I can't find anything online for Guard info. Not even sure what it is I want to know since its going to be same as it is now anyway.. if he takes it
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