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Thread: Learning to use my camera!

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    Learning to use my camera!

    I've been sitting on this puppy for about 6 months without any real effort toward it. Next time I should practice in daylight, and I want to try using people as subjects rather than an unruly dog and a statue of a pig.

    What are some ideas for other things I can take pics of in low light around the house?
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    No advice, but your puppy is adorable (and so is the pic!).
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    Anything that looks interesting. I once took a picture of the way a lamp cast shadows on the wall. Pets (and kids) are always fun to shoot, and since they tend to move around so much it gives you better practice with the camera settings.
    What camera are you using? I wish mine could take awesome shots like that in low light (at least without the use of a tripod due to my shaky hands).
    I'm hoping I can get the Nikon D5100 come black Friday. Selling my other two cameras should pay it off.
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    Start taking pictures for the photo contest every week! I looooove taking a new one every week for it with my camera. It forces me to use it.

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