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Thread: Faux HDR effect tutorial for PS (pic heavy)

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    Faux HDR effect tutorial for PS (pic heavy)

    For anyone who likes the look of HDR photography, but may not have the means or time (or, if you're like me, the patience) to take bracketed photos this is a really easy way to get a faux effect.

    First step is to open up your image. This is how mine usually looks after some light editing:

    Then go to Image>Adjustments>HDR Tonning as shown below (note: this setting is only available in Photoshop CS5 and above. To learn a different method, scroll down to the bottom of this post)

    When the settings panel opens up, make sure Local Adaptation is selected under Method. There are a couple of other settings you can use, but I find this one give you the most control on how your image turns out.

    Play around with the settings until you are happy. Try clicking the "Smooth Edges" box. You can adjust curves from here, but I don't usually mess with it. When you're done hit OK.
    This is how my image looks:

    I typically follow up with Levels or Brightness/Contrast.

    You can also use HDR Toning in conjunction with Shawdows/Highlights (located just above HDR in the menu)

    Or if you don't have CS5 or above you can use Shadows/Highlights to get an HDR effect. You'll pretty much have to max out your settings depending on the photo and how strong you want the effect to be. Raise the black and/or white clipping to create a stronger effect. When you have it looking the way you want you can use Curves, Levels, or Brightness/Contrast with the "Use Legacy" enabled to enhance the effect a little more

    Hope this helps!

    And since I already have this one made, here's a link to my sketch effect tutorial on deviantArt Easy Sketch Tutorial by blacklacestock on deviantART
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