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Thread: For the Photogs/Photoshop Experts

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    For the Photogs/Photoshop Experts

    I have this photo of my parents from 1960'ish that I want to have enlarged to about 18x24 or maybe a little bigger (poster size). The problem is that because it's such an old photo, there are a few stains/spots on it that I'd like fixed beforehand.

    I went to Kinko's/FedEx but they don't do photo restoring, they'll only scan it/print it for me. Same with CVS & Walgreens photo departments. Any ideas on how to fix the photo beforehand?

    Thanks for reading!
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    ive actually seen people post old photos on reddit (reddit: the front page of the internet) and say they would like someone to restore it and then a random person who knows photoshop will do it

    eta: heres the link where people ask Picture Requests

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