I would really like to start making collages with the billions of pictures I have of my family, and I'm looking for advice on anyone who is a pro at it. :p

Do you use a website or computer software to do yours? Or the old cut and paste method? Maybe something else?

I did a little bit of website exploration today, and saw shape collage templates...if you do one of those, would you just print it on regular photo paper? For example, I saw one that was just two big pawprints on a page. I think that would be cute, but at the same time, it seems like there should be something in the background instead of a white page with just two paw prints. I don't know if they make photo paper that has backgrounds to it, or if you just apply that later on the website, or if it's best left just white, or maybe decorated with stamps/pictures/drawings of dog-related items (bones, doghouses, etc.)

Like I said, any kind of advice is much appreciated.