Ok so in my Townhome I've got a Bedroom DH agreeded I can set up the studio in Yes I'm Super Excitied !. So I've Got two Back drop Right now a White Muslim and a Brown Dyed Muslim. Ok I plan on getting a Black one and 2 other white ones I can dye myself. Also some fantasy cloths ( I can get at walmart). I Used to work at picture me at walmart so I know poses and all that cute jazz. My thing is I'm trying to figure out what I need to get .

I've got my Camera (Finally paid off )
Got my Backdrop system
Got some Backdrops
I've got my Photoshop
Got cliental
Got my Tripod

I need to get Umbrella lights (Bidding on those right now - Ebay).
I need to get my flash fixed it stopped working my external flash anyways .

Help here people lol Its not gonna be nothing to fancy but something I can use to make money on and enjoy.

Thanks for any input