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Thread: PG Signups!!

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    Jump for Joy PG Signups!!

    What is Picture Girl? A fun and intriguing way of learning about one another by letting photos tell the story. Every week two new picture girls will be selected to share. There will be a Request thread and a "Post your pictures here" thread where the PG will post the requested photos.

    If there is any confusion, the best way to get a better understanding of how it works is by looking at two corresponding PG threads:
    PG requests for __ & PG fulfilled by __

    Rules and Requirements:
    ***Please be sure to read this ENTIRE post before requesting to be added.***


    • 100 post count
    • 1 month membership
    • Ability to commit for one whole week, Monday morning to Sunday night

    Three days before it's your turn you will be sent a PM notifying you.
    -If you have not responded by the evening before the start date the turn will be given to someone who is available and you will be moved to the following week.
    -A second miss will result in being moved to the end of the list.
    -If you miss your turn three times you will be removed from the list and placed on a temporary ban from PG.

    **If for some reason you know you will be unable to participate as you move up the list please let me know! Life does happen, and we will work something out!**

    Please be sure to inform me if you change your username before your turn has been reached for PG. This makes it much easier for me to track you down and inform you of when your turn comes up.

    Also, remember you aren't the only participant! Making sure to take part in the threads of others will add to the fun!

    **Remember OPSEC/PERSEC when requesting and taking photos.**

    As of right now there are two things that will get you placed on a PG temporary ban period of three months.
    1. Responding and telling me you will participate and then failing to follow through. (unless it's an emergency situation)
    2. Missing your turn three times. I just can't keep recirculating an individual through the list over and over.

    Please note that a round lasts from Monday morning through the end of Sunday night. Failing to participate during your allotted week will result in the above mentioned PG ban of 3 months.

    If you would like to participate, please reply to this thread and I'll add your name to the list.

    *Note from WildRose: The first round will start Monday, October 17th, so be sure to sign up soon! Heisenberg will be first to go and then we'll go in order or sign ups below after that!



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    I'll go next

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  4. we were all rooting for you
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    we were all rooting for you
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    i'm in!
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    San Diego!!!
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    Im after her!
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    Me too!

    Question on how it works - do you post one photo every day for a week?

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    I'm a little worried about being available every day for a week, but I'm in.
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