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Thread: PG Fulfilled by rocket_lizz

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    PG Fulfilled by rocket_lizz

    Rocket_lizz will post her pictures in this thread from 2/11/13 to 2/25/13.
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    -Your Car

    -3 Wildcards
    The one and only picture that was in my photobucket account before I did Picture Girl. Me, Age 17, Senior Year of High School.

    DH's beer, brewing away happily. Should be done in a couple weeks.

    -Your bedroom

    -Favorite Outfit

    -Favorite Shoes

    -Your view of outside
    Outside the bedroom window.

    -What's under you bed
    Don't have an under the bed.

    -Pets (if you have any)
    My bratty Mocha.

    My sweet Jazzy wouldn't hold still for a good photo.

    -Inside your refrigerator
    It's actually pretty organized right now.

    -Where you go for quiet time

    -Something very special to you

    -Where you (usually) MSOS from
    My eternally messy desk in the bedroom.

    -You imitating your favorite MSOS smiley
    WiggleWiggle~ is my Wifey

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