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Thread: PG fulfilled by CaraAndNathanxo

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    **CLOSED** PG fulfilled by CaraAndNathanxo


    10/13 - 10/19

    CaraAndNathanxo will post her pictures here.
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    Favorite outfit; just my plaid shirt and shorts.

    Favorite shoes; a toss up between my flipflops and mocs.

    Wildcard #1; my penguin slippers DF gave me.

    Wildcard #2; my favorite wallet, Vera bradley

    Wildcard #3; a hemp bracelet I just made DF. even though he can't wear it cause uniform regulations..

    Whats under your bed; nothing, just a cat.

    Pets; my baby boy Max!

    Your car; not my picture, but mine is same year and color. I love my car. 2009 Eclipse.

    Where you usually MSOS from / Where you go for quiet time; our love seat couch thing, it's realllly comfortable. and it reclines

    Something very special to you; probably my cat or engagment ring.

    Favorite room in the house / Your bedroom; sorry our bedrooms a mess, we only have one dresser, so clothes are everywhere.

    View of outside; view from living room window.. boringgg, just other apartment buildings.

    You imitating your favorite MSOS smiley; ill do that later when I shower and don't look like poop.

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