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Thread: Major Problem

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    Screwy Major Problem

    Ok so I have two male kittens, they are brothers and are about 7 months old. Well, Paws keeps humping Spook. And spook doesnt like it and hiss' and growls and all, but Paws keeps doing it? Is there anything I can do to make him stop humping his brother?
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    slap him with a newspaper or with your hand...light enough so it doesn't hurt him....but firm enough to let him know he's doing something wrong. Say "No". I dunno....we had some pretty stupid puppies and that's all we did. Good luck though!
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    Um if I knew I would tell you, I cant keep my male cat from humping my female one for life of me. I just push him off of her, and he seems to get the point for the time being.
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    It a dominance thing...15 year old whitey kept doing it to 15 year old blackie. Now he does it to Wifey's head when she sleeps. Its funny. I usually just pick him up and toss him off. across the room. and say "no." Now I just have to say "No" and he stops.
    But I am getting a little girl kitty, so if he wants to hump her, I'll just stand by and laugh. He's too retarded to know his piece was snipped off, and he can't get no satisfaction!!!
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    i currently have this problem with my male cat on my female cat. the male is getting fixed thursday but for now I soak him with the spray bottle when he is annoying my girlie

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