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Thread: Health question about my dog

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    Confused Health question about my dog

    I have a six year old male APBT. I just moved from Florida to North Carolina a few months ago. I noticed that he seemed to break out into hives all over. I took him to the vet and they said it was allergies. They told me to change his diet to all natural food and not to give him tap water. (evidently is contaminated here) Thus, I buy spring water for him. Now the hives have changed into scabs and he is loosing his hair all over where-ever there's a scab. He scratches some, but not all the time. There's no one particular spot that looks worse than the others. Can anyone help me?
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    I would want them to do a skin scrape. He could have demodex mites. Which can be pricey to treat, that breed of dog is known to get it. Also, do you use a flea control? He could be having a reaction to it?

    Does he seem to be more itchy if he is out in the grass and then comes in?
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